Let me give you a bit of background before I ask my questions:
I'm currently dieting but I sorta went on a mild overfeeding (i.e. cheat) last evening when I was out. Now everyone here is knows all about carb refeeds to upregulate leptin levels, but I basically overfed on about ~ 1500 cals of mostly protein and fat with only some mix drinks as carbs. This estimated intake brings up my total calorie intake to around 3500, which is a little less then some of my past bulks.

In any case, here are my questions:

1) This is what I remember from reading some refeed articles, but it's true that a protein and fat overfeed will do little to help leptin levels right?

2) Normally when you overfeed on carbs there is always the water bloat the next day but does this happen with lots of protein and carbs? Because I woke up about 5 pounds heavier...

3) I usually take my bodyfat measurements every other Sunday morning to track my progress (7 site). I'm hoping there was some water bloat (#2) and that's why my skinfolds are slightly higher? What do you think?

Bad timing on my part to do this cheat the day before I do my bimonthly bodyfat check... tuttut In any case thanks ahead of time for answering my questions.