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    Wikked Sensations

    Ok guys I'm creating this journal mostly for critique.......but before I get into it too far a little background. I'm 6'2" 195 lbs. about 12-13% bf. Before I got my sh*t together I was a pack a day smoker and a coke-a-holic (the COLA kind!). Those who know me swear I've found religion because I am indeed a NEW MAN.....and last vital statistic I am 39 years old. (How I wish I was smart enough to do this 10 years ago but what the hell I am doing it now)!
    I will try to keep this thing as daily as I can and like I said it mostly for refferal because I STILL have a lot to learn and if someone can offer me some sound advise I'm all ears. To date I have added about 25 pound of good solid muscle (Now you might think that's cool (I sure do) but then realize that I'm built much like a football wide receiver,.....and what I really want is more like 6'2" 235....
    So here's how it will work......I will detail my diet on the day of and my workouts the day after....and on Monday I will update on workouts from Saturdays.
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