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Thread: Question about deadlift form

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    Question about deadlift form

    Hi everyone, I have a quick question about deadlift form. It seems that when I do mine, the last bit of the lift ends up being like a stiff legged deadlift, because my legs are already straight. Am I doing something wrong, or could it be just the way my body is put together that makes my form slightly off? I don't think it's dangerous, as some pretty accomplished lifters have been around me while I'm DL'ing and would have said something if they thought I was going to get hurt. In case it matters: I'm male, ~235 and on the way down, 5'10", 19 y/o, with a bf that's almost certainly still on the wrong side of 20%. Thanks for any input guys and gals

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    Well you need to keep the bar on your legs & your back straight. It sounds like you are letting the bar get off your legs and out in front of you.
    Best thing to do would be to ask these "accomplished lifters" you speak of to watch you and help you with your form.

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    My conventional form becomes a bit of a sldl about half way up. This happens with most deadlifters. I have pulled over 3xBW this way on numeros occasions with no ill effects.

    If you really want to focus more on keepng the back straight up you should do sumo. I use both styles.
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