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Thread: My experience with the CKD

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    My experience with the CKD

    To end my 5.5 week bout with the CKD, I will give my update and what I thought of it.

    I started out at 16.8% BF. I am now 11.5% so I lost about 1% of BF/week. During this time, I did NO morning cardio. A typical week was cardio 3 times/week with working out 5 days/week standard. The cardio was always after working out.

    The CKD can get expensive with buying ALA and the ketostix. I went through two bottles of ketostix and only a bottle or two of ALA because I didn't use a lot of it. I only used it for two weeks.

    The CKD drains the ever lasting crap out of you, at least it did for me. However, once you get used to ketosis, it grows on you and you begin to think it is normal to feel likec crap all the time. It sounds weird, but that is how I felt.

    The CKD made my workouts suffer. At first, I didn't want to even go and when I made myself, I was constantly yawning and tired throughout the entire workout so I was ready to get the hell out of there when my workout was over with. This is the reason I didn't do cardio 5 days/week with my workout. I simply was just too damn tired.

    During my workout and cardio, I would get nausea and feel light headed sometimes. I almost threw up multiple times in the gym doing just light weight. Be prepared for that once you get into ketosis.

    My carbups were pretty much ****. I ate just about whatever I wanted to on Friday and Saturday. I did not watch what I ate at all. My carb up days were definately my downfall. If you want to do the CKD right, don't use your carb up days for cheat days no matter how tempting it is.

    I think that is all I can think of at this point. I just wanted to give you guys a rundown of my experience with the CKD and the results that I got out of it so you guys can learn from my experience.
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