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Thread: Deadlifts: How necessary is a lifting belt???

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    Deadlifts: How necessary is a lifting belt???

    Just looking for some opinions because I have heard both that they're absolutely necessary and others that say they're optional
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    I started using one recently when deadlifting, for me it's more piece of mind than anything. I hear it reduces the chance of injury, though.
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    i dont see why you'd need one for lighter weights. but if you are lifting pretty heavy poundages i dont think using one would be a bad idea
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    belts , they are optional, and you can use them. But I feel they rob from your progress. when you wear a belt it tightens the core muscles which allows for to lift more easily. But in the end you do not get as strong as you would without the belt. this goes for pretty much any exercise you would use a belt for.

    but thats just my 2 cents


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    Eating more pork.

    There was a long discussion on belts that some revived a few threads down.

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    I feel belts have their place. They do have the POTENTIAL to reduce the chance of injury. A person first should train without a belt first and get comfortable without one *develop good form* with some serious poundage. Then it is up to personal preference if you wear a belt. I personally don't wear one right now because I am still working on form and upping the poundages to the point where wearing a belt is warranted. Once I am at that point I will concider wearing a belt.

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    Not necessary.

    That being said, learning to push my air into the belt, I can lift more with it on.
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    I injured my my back a month ago, so I use a belt.
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    Originally posted by LATMAN
    Not necessary.

    Just curious. Would that above statement still apply in a lifting meet? By that I mean would you go up against someone (an experienced powerlifter like yourself) who was wearing a belt and you were not? Just wondering how far that statement can be taken. This is not a dig at you, just honestly curious.

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    Originally posted by LATMAN

    I can lift more with it on.
    Does that answer your question EA?

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    One of the reasons I deadlift is to strenghten those muscles that have the role of a lifting belt. So I'll never use one.

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    I have never used one.
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