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    The Others

    If you like having the crap scared out of you, then run, don't walk to your nearest cinema to watch "The Others" starring Nicole Kidman. I went to see this last night with a couple of friends, and found the suspense so rivoting, with a build up of fear so compelling - I actually found myself putting my arms down at my sides to make sure that when I jumped in horror I would not accidentally gouge myself with my fingernails...

    "The Others" is one of the best scary movies I have seen - better than "The Shining" - on par with "The Exorcist". Nicole Kidman, who I have never been a fan of, puts in a tremendous performance, and the two kids who play her children are outstanding.

    Don't let anyone spoil this movie for you - just know that it is about a woman living with her two children in a large mansion in the mid 1940's.

    Be warned: don't expect a good nights sleep after watching it, though...
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