not sure if I'm doing this right....but here goes....Goal 170# at least 10%bf or better.....trying something new (to me) ABCDE Program (bulk 2wk-cut 2wk ect.) will try and post as much info as possible with current stats...

age 33 5'10.5" married with 3 boys youngest 6 wks sleeping will suck for the next few months...

diet is something like min of 3500 cal and 280 (or more) pro

routine :
Mon- back & tri off Sat & Sun
Tue legs
Wed off going heavy with 6-8 reps
Thur back & Bi
Fri shoulders

Mon was and routine was right one
Tue suck got called in at 3am and worked a 12 hr day not a good day will start again tomorrow

bye for now