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    As I've said before, I work out at at home...I've got most the stuff I need, though I'll find on occassion it would be nice to have one a couple more pieces of equipment...I'd appreciate any advice on where to buy this stuff for a good price...

    Bands (Whatever kind I'd use for bench)
    Preacher Curl Rack
    Body Weight Vest
    Cheap Dip Thing (I already have one with my Soloflex, but it really sucks)
    Another 45 lb Bar
    Cheap "Squat" Sled
    Weights (The kind you'd put on DBs)

    Also, in the case that I don't find it for a good price, what is the best way to do preacher curls without a preacher curl bar? Most of you guys are pretty resourceful

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    How about a chin-up bar? You can attach above the door, and you're all set
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