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Thread: Serious Elbow Pain

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    Serious Elbow Pain

    Something that I have experienced in the past but not as painful as of late. Started to do triceps today and the only excercise that didnt kill me was close grip bench press. It hurt like hell but I thought I could just work through it by using lighter weight. I tried dips and thought I was going to die. Dropped to 75 lbs (from 105) on skulls and could only manage one rep due to the pain. So I just performed some very very light cable movements and went home.

    Any suggestions on what is going on with my elbows and how I can get them back into proper condition. Also some movements that I can use to get around the pain so I wont have to stop training triceps directly.

    I will also say that this has not affected me on chest day. Earlier this week I set a PB on incline BB. I have also changed my routine recently. After joining this board about a month ago I have lowered my sets per body part from previous routines. Thanks.

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    It hurt like hell but I thought I could just work through it by using lighter weight
    That's not a good idea. Your elbow is hurting for a reason and trying to work through it may cause more damage and pain. I would give it some rest and time off and see what happens.

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    Sounds like you sprained your elbow. As captnjosh said, giving your elbow a rest would be good.
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