This isn't me but my friend. A couple of weeks ago he was squatting and doing 20 rep squats. He didn't have enough weight on the bar because he made it to 22 and could have kept going. Except on the 23 rep he said he got a sharp pain in the back of his neck. He said it stuck with him throughout the workout and whenever he would push himself he would feel it all over the back of his neck and back of his head. He said it was like a web.

2 days later he tried to do chest day, but on DB presses it came back during late in the 1st or 2nd set I believe. He wasn't able to complete this workout it was so bad.

So I told him to take a week off and he did. And just today he went back for chest day and while attempting barbell bench he said it came back on his first work set.

Right now he's taking another 2-3 weeks off. But I'm wondering what it is, what caused it, and what to do if it comes back. What I thought it was at first was just a muscle strain, but a knowledgable source told him that it could be pinched nerves in the back of his neck. I also thought it could have been because of either impropper breathing, or too much pressure with the bar on his back squatting or him putting too much pressure pushing his head into the bench while doing pressing motions. I just told him to go see a doc if it's still there when he resumes lifting again in a few weeks.

Anybody have any thoughts to any of it? Or any similar expieriences?