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Thread: advice needed.

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    advice needed.

    mods pls. don't move to wbb routine forum, that thread hasn't even been looked at by anyone but me there .

    ok, I need help with wannabebig routine #2, I'm ready to switch from routine #1, I'm just sick of it!

    Alright, just need help on replacing these exercises(marked by an asterisk ~>******) because at the moment I'm a little limited on that equipment since I train in my basement(f/i/d/ bench press with leg curl/preacher curl/flyes attachments), I plan on getting an olympic bench + squat / power rack with chin bar since I have a job now, but I only have $110 saved up so far and it will take a little more time to save up the rest. Also, when it says: ex. 1 / or / ex. 2, do I choose which exercise I want to do or am I supposed to alternate the exercises every so often(weekly basis)??

    WBB Routine II

    Day 1: Chest and Back

    Dumbbell Incline Press 2x9-11
    **Close Grip Chins 2x9-11(I have no chin bar.)
    Flat Dumbbell Flies 2x9-11
    **Wide Grip Pull Downs(<~~I have no lat tower/cable) or Deadlifts 2x9-11<~~(I can do these.)
    Decline Barbell Bench Press 2x9-11
    **Seated Cable Row or T-Bar Rows 2x9-11(could I do barbell rows for these? t-bar rows = trap bar rows? no idea what they are, vid pls?) no machine/cable to do these on

    Rest Day

    Day 2: Legs

    Squats 1x20
    **Leg Press 1x20
    **Leg Extensions 1x15(if these are leg curls I can do them)
    Hamstring Curl 2x9
    **Seated/Standing Calf Raises 2x25(for seated, could I just place the barbell on my knees or would this put too much unecessary stress on my thigh?)
    (Do one set of each)

    Rest Day

    Day 3: Biceps, Triceps, and Shoulders

    Seated Dumbbell Press, Standing Dumbbell Lateral Raises, Front Dumbbell Raises
    **2-3x6 (supersetted)<~~what exactly does supersetted mean?
    Incline or Decline Skull Crushers 2x9-11
    Incline Dumbbell Curls 2x9-11
    **Dips 2x9-11(no dip bar)
    Hammer Curls 2x9-11

    Abdominals to be performed on any training day.

    Crunches on a decline bench 3x10
    **Russian Twist 2x10<~~(what are these?)
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    t bar rows:

    you can do barbell rows instead of machine rows, or maybe DB rows

    u can sub leg press with front squats or hack squats, do sissy squats instead of leg extensions

    you could put barbell on ur knees,with padding under it, well a lil above ur knees, on ur thigh

    supersetting is where u do one set of an exercise and then without a rest, do another exercise

    do dumbbell pushups , with a deep stretch as a sub for dips, or chair pushusp


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    You can do t-bars by just putting one end of the bar in a a corner. I wouldn't worry about seated calves raises, if you been doing them standing keep doing that.
    What did you do for dips and chins in wbb1? Look for something around the house for chins. Put a peice of put over a ceiling joyce, a tree limb. Get creative.
    As for leg extensions I would just do another set of squats.
    Instead of pull downs do some rows.


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