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Thread: Wanna Be Big Workout

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    Wanna Be Big Workout

    I've been on the wanna be big workout for about 5 weeks. And I've been eating lots of protien like everyone has suggested. I am amazed at the results I have gotten. When I first started I could barley bench 130 10 times. Now I'm doing 150 x8 and 160x8. All my other lifts have increased greatly as well. This is a great routine and really works! Thanks everyone for all your help

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    hey man keep working hard, you'll be amazed at the changes in your body in 6 months!~

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    I agree man, I'm on my 13th week of the Wanna Be Big Routine. I had taken a week off at one point and I haven't been getting as much protein as I did when I started, so I've sorta stopped gaining as much as I did in the beginning. But yes, I was happy with the initial results much like you are.

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    Nice, machaf...keep up the good work

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