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Thread: Pyramiding

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    who is doing a pyramiding work out at the moment? and how are the gains?

    i havent done pyramiding work outs in forever, and i'm startin a new routine tomorrow....i'm not talkin bout reverse pyramid, with heaviest weight first...but increase weight, decrease reps type of scheme

    i know this has been asked, but in the search i just seem to find reverse i was wondering how those who do regular pyramiding have gained from this


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    i sometimes do them on leg day with the leg press machine. but i dont do them very often
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    I do pyramids occasionally, but I haven't noticed any gains on them yet
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    I always pyramid. In fact, I've never done it any other way.

    I pyramid in multiples of 3. 18 reps, then 15, then 12, then burn 'em back at 18. Seems to work for me...
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