I am searching for diet recommendations to help me finish off a 4 month cutting cycle. I have probably not had the best diet for the first 3 months but it has been effective (55lbs in 3 months from 230 to 175) I have probably lost muscle throughout and want to minimize any future losses. I have taken Xendarine during the entire cycle and now have some Lipoderm(i know it may be crap but its worth a try). I work a 12 hour day and usually go to bed around 5am and sleep till 11 when I get up and go to the gym. I do work in a very upscale eatery where I have access to many many different foods so almost any food is available.
I think the worst eating habit I have is not eating enough calories(right now I only eat 2x to 3x a day all very clean though) and eating late at night when I get home from work. Please someone give me some ideas about what to eat and when to eat it so I can drop the last 10 lbs of fat I need to.