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Thread: Squats with weak knees

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    Squats with weak knees

    Hi guys and gurls. I am new to this forum and I appreciate any and all help.

    I am 27, 215lbs, about 25% and I am getting into BB to shape up (been a month since starting). The problem is I can't do squats without experiencing pain in my knees. This occurs only towards the last bit of the lowering phase and the initial push-off. I haven't tried squatting in a while now so I couldn't tell you how heavy I could go. I do the leg press on the "angled-sled leg press" instead 360lbsx8, 360lbsx8 and 410lbsx8.

    I want to do squats so bad. Is there anyway I could safely start doing squats at heavier weights? Would it help to wrap the knees? My knees are odd in that my shins seem to flare out at the knees. That is, when I fully extend my legs with my knees together, my feet are about 4" apart. Does this have anything to do with it? Anybody with similar problems?

    To repeat myself, thanks for your help.
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