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Thread: The importance of rest days?

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    The importance of rest days?

    I consider myself a complete newbie on all matters concerning lifting. I'm doing wbb#1 and have been doing it for a few months. I'm just wondering why there are rest days. I know your body needs time to recover, but why can't you do back/chest one day and do legs the next? I find I have alot of energy pretty much all the time and wondering why I shouldn't lift basicly everyday.. ie 3day on 1 off, 3days on, 1 off etc.
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    your body does not grow in the gym. in fact lifting creates micro tears in the muscle fibers. you repair and GROW when you are outside the gym, eating properly and getting adequate rest.
    too much trauma and not enough rest = catabolism since your body can't keep up.
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    sleep,and eat on your off day' me I can't stress this enough sleeeeep, that's when you grow.


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