Hey guys, I had a meet this past weekend, I did bench only, weighed in at 247 lbs, 28 years of age, which put me in the Men's Open 275 lb Class.

Opened at 500, which was very easy, then went to 550 for my second attempt, which I got, ackwardly for a new state record, beating the old record by 10 lbs. I missed 575 on my 3rd attempt due to poor setup, and tweaking my elbow at the bottom of the attempt. Elbow is fine now.

I have a link to the video's of these 3 attempts. They are in post number 15 on the page the link takes you to. Numbers 5,6 and 7, I think are my 3 attempts.


There have been questions on this board in the past about what a competition bench press looks like vs. a regular bodybuilding bench press, also there have been numerous questions about bench shirts, etc. . . Hopefully these video clips will answer some of those questions, and maybe get more people fired up about powerlifting.