Alright, I'm finally posting again, sorry for the long delay, I had some personal problems to deal with before I could start my physical conditionment, but now I've solved those problems, and finally got to a gym.

Alright. Remember I am a begginer. So I went to the gym on Tuesday to test my strenght, ( find out my max) and surprisingly bench pressed 7.5 KG (On both sides)

After that I waited about 1 day after, because my chest was really in pain, and went back to do the WBB routine.
Sadly, I could only accomplish the bench press and the incline, and I managed to do a set of peck deck flys. Oh yes, and I couldn't do the chest dips, my gym doesnt have a weighted bar)

I could'nt do my back that day, I was to pressed for time.

So I just have a few questions...

Is this bad? I know I'm only 16 and never really thought about weight lifting before this year, but I thought I'dd be able to handle more weight. Is this a good begginer weight?

And also, how long should I wait to change the poundage?

And would it affect the results of the WBB routine if I modified the WBB routine a little, like replace the chest dips with peck deck flys?

And one last thing, I know this seems like a biggie but can someone possibly post their diet for me to use as a skeleton?
I've read a few articles about nutrition and know you need to eat lots of protein, carbs, and fat, but ?I don't have a flexible diet due to me being 16 and having a legal guardian and all...

Thanks, I'll be posting my results as well as my diet as my training intensifies!