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Thread: Muscle and Fitness Giveaway

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    Muscle and Fitness Giveaway

    Hey I'm new here, so Hi everybody = )
    I'd just like to mention the new Muscle and Fitness magazine (June's the one with Tito Raymond on the front, I think that's his name) is doing a 30 day supplement giveaway. Everyday of the month something else is up for grabs, you just have to go to "that" companies website or call there phone number and and be withinn the first 100 to 500 people to recieve the item for free.

    There not giving away bottles of No2 or anything but the stuff might be fun to expirement with.
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    whats todays giveway?
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    i saw this as well when i was looking in the magazine at the gym the other day. i was thinking about maybe trying it a couple times once school is over. there was only a couple things that caught my eye though
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