8 months ago I injured my elbow in rugby and my bb bench became very weak and frustrating. I took a little time off and then decided to switch to dumbell pressing for a while. I was just wondering what kind of strength comparisons do most people have between their flat/incline bb and db presses?

My max bb flat bench before the injury was 225
Max bb incline was 165 x 6 (weak)

On db bench after 7 months of training them (for the first time ever with db's) -
Flat db: 75sx10
Incline: 70sx12

I start out with 4 sets of incline before doing 3 sets of flat. Maybe that is why my flat db press isn't much higher than my incline...

Should I switch back to barbell? Will I expect to be stronger with bb now? Is my bb to db ratio "common," (225 max bb to 75s x 10 max db) or is that even measurable?