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    (^_^)'s journal

    Ok its summer. Time to bulk the **** up.


    Working out for about a year now. Used to be 130 lbs.

    13.5" arms
    21" quads
    31" waist
    BF%: ~12

    Squat: ~205 x 6
    Bench: ~155 x 1 (theoretically)
    Deadlift: 225 x 6
    Unassissted wide grip pull ups: 3

    I'm home for the summer and i need to find a gym. Problem is I'm poor so I have to live off of free passes. I have a 10 day to 24, and I hate it. No place to deadlift and the usual high school crew, weirdo in daisy dukes crew, you know the story. Today I went from 11pm-12:10am. Havnet worked chest in two weeks and suprisingly DB pressed 50 pounds. A new PR. I think its because at my school gym the DB's seem to weigh 5 pounds heavier. :o. After my ten days are up maybe I'll hit up powerhouse for some free days. Maybe I can milk this 10 day pass, cause when I walked in today I just said free pass and he waived me in.

    I didnt do any benching because I was scared to. Well not really, but usually I'll do incline/DB flat/cable flys; and then flat bench/incline DB/DB flys the next. I guess I was supposed to do incline but the got damn incline bench is elevated (like your spotter stands on a little plate so he can spot you, good idea 24). So i cant keep my feet planted on the ground like im used to. Also hit up shoulders and tris today.

    Oh yeah got to change up the routine for the summer. I'm guessing something like:

    Chest (incline/db flat/cable flys)
    Day3: Quads/Stomach
    Day4: Obliques/Calves/hamstrings
    day5: rest? prolly not, cant afford resting on trial memberships.
    day1b: chest (db inline/ BB flat/ DB flys)

    good night
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