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Thread: Feeling like hell

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    Feeling like hell

    Something rather unpleasant has been happening over the last few days. It started, I believe, around Thursday, and has since become gradually worse.

    I've noticed that I seem to have less energy; that I feel "flatter"; that my legs feel, well, rather dead; and that my weight has slightly increased. This last development is likely just water weight fluctation, so I'm not particularly concerned about it. What bothers me more is the fatigue. I haven't been making any effort to cut or bulk; I've averaged 2300-2400 calories (40/40/20 split, or thereabouts) daily, which is my approximate maintenance intake (stats: 5'8, 150lb, somewhere around 7-10 bf, I'd estimate).

    I think there are three possible explanations:

    1) I'm currently in college, and thus I have to do quite a bit of walking around (getting to class, etc...) The amount of time I spend walking each day varies, of course, but often it's as high as an hour or more. Slow walking, of course; but walking nonetheless. I also use a sort of HIIT one day each week; 50-60 yd sprints.

    This is, of course, in addition to my 4 day (relatively lower volume) split.

    This has never given me much trouble before, even when cutting. But last week I did reintegrate leg training into my routine (due to back/leg issues, I'd had to lay off it for a while). This extra demand, coupled with a unusually high amount of walking on fri/sat, perhaps explains my "flatness" and fatigue.

    2) I've misjudged my maintenance caloric intake, and thus three or so weeks @ this level (with less carbs than I need, etc...) has resulted in feeling poorly and the general fatigue. This, of course, is also tied in with my activity level. But I thought I'd mention it anyway.

    3)It's something completely unrelated to either of these. I don't feel like I'm getting sick, though.

    In retrospect, I probably just need to eat more. Sorry for the long post. But I figured, hey, what the hell. Couldn't hurt to get some advice. Thanks, all.

    EDIT: And yes, I know I've been incommunicado lately. Finals beckon. Sue me
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    Here are some suggestions that might help. Take them for what they are worth

    1) You said that it was finals week so that is a lot of added stress right there. I know that my energy levels will decrease if I get an overwhelming feeling due to school, personal problems, etc.

    2) Make sure that you are staying properly hydrated.

    3) If you are eating at maintenance calories then try playing around with your macro ratios and see if changing that up will help. You don' necessarily need to eat more if your weight is staying constant.

    4) If you think you have been eating under maintenance and accidentally restricting your carb intake you might need to try throwing in a refeed one day. General fatigue can be a sign of needing to refeed, and plus the fact that you are at a relatively low bf.

    Hope some of these suggestions might help a bit. Best of luck on the finals

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    rest, sleep, take a walk on the beach or whatever you can do to clear your head, relax!
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    How long have you been following your current diet/training regimen? Have you had any substantial breaks from lifting? I'm thinking this maybe related to overtraining.
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    Sounds similar to me

    I have always had tons of energy but what sounds like EXACTLY the same thing happened to me last year around Thanksgiving. I got mono...I didn't 'feel' sick, until later when I got strep throat on top of the mono. But that is a whole other story. To me it sounds like you may have mono. I would go get a mono spot at a doctor they can tell you on the spot whether you have it or not. Also it doesn't matter if you have had it before, it is still possible to get it again. Good luck, and hope everything ends well.

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    I think you have low testosterone.

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    I think you should see a doctor as soon as finals are over.
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    Hang out with friends, relax whenever you can, listen to chill-out music, drink lots of water.
    You might just be having a crap few days/ happens to all of us.
    And don't stress about college too's not the do all/end all.
    I wish you well...please keep us posted.
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    Note : This is an old thread. He did see a doctor and he does have low testosterone.


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