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    Feeling like hell

    Something rather unpleasant has been happening over the last few days. It started, I believe, around Thursday, and has since become gradually worse.

    I've noticed that I seem to have less energy; that I feel "flatter"; that my legs feel, well, rather dead; and that my weight has slightly increased. This last development is likely just water weight fluctation, so I'm not particularly concerned about it. What bothers me more is the fatigue. I haven't been making any effort to cut or bulk; I've averaged 2300-2400 calories (40/40/20 split, or thereabouts) daily, which is my approximate maintenance intake (stats: 5'8, 150lb, somewhere around 7-10 bf, I'd estimate).

    I think there are three possible explanations:

    1) I'm currently in college, and thus I have to do quite a bit of walking around (getting to class, etc...) The amount of time I spend walking each day varies, of course, but often it's as high as an hour or more. Slow walking, of course; but walking nonetheless. I also use a sort of HIIT one day each week; 50-60 yd sprints.

    This is, of course, in addition to my 4 day (relatively lower volume) split.

    This has never given me much trouble before, even when cutting. But last week I did reintegrate leg training into my routine (due to back/leg issues, I'd had to lay off it for a while). This extra demand, coupled with a unusually high amount of walking on fri/sat, perhaps explains my "flatness" and fatigue.

    2) I've misjudged my maintenance caloric intake, and thus three or so weeks @ this level (with less carbs than I need, etc...) has resulted in feeling poorly and the general fatigue. This, of course, is also tied in with my activity level. But I thought I'd mention it anyway.

    3)It's something completely unrelated to either of these. I don't feel like I'm getting sick, though.

    In retrospect, I probably just need to eat more. Sorry for the long post. But I figured, hey, what the hell. Couldn't hurt to get some advice. Thanks, all.

    EDIT: And yes, I know I've been incommunicado lately. Finals beckon. Sue me
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