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Thread: on the road to a stonger, bigger me :D

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    on the road to a stonger, bigger me :D

    hey peep's,
    been using the forum for a while now and your all good friends to have on here..

    I've been into training for quite some time now and just recently i've come home from san antonio (a lot bigger and more cut) and loads of my friends were like wow! you gotta help train me, i was like

    i train for myself and don't take my top off like out in the street often i just do it so i feel good about myself. and so my tops dont hang off me anymore lol.

    I just got into college to do advanced pe science and computing so am chuffed to bits about that and well here's my pic of me on day1 in san antonio (i'm bak home now after 6 month of hard training in the gym)

    Ignore me squinting the sun was in my eyes. lol

    o and my legs are bigger now lol on there i have match stick legs.. lol
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    looks good pasty

    San Antonio is where i am from i hope it treated you nicely alos put up a pic of yourself after the six months of hard work
    Blocka Blocka

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