Ok, I titled the thread as such, as I still consider myself to be a before shot. I am happy that I have progressed, but know that I could have done much better. People have noticed around me though, including some people at work, a guy at the gym and a girl that hadn't seen me in a few months and said I look *ahem* amazing. Don't worry it hasn't gone to my head, as I feel that I am far from anything great, and have a boat load of work to do before I'm satisfied.

I'm posting some pics as I commited to a contest between myself and Callahan, with some cash on the line. Basically, it was whoever could induce the greatest transformation, from fat, to less fat I guess. I stalled a few times being sick twice, and having a training/diet relapse on a few occaisions. I'm pretty much out of excuses, other than the final one. I ate 1.5 medium pizzas and consumed 6 or 7 beers the night before I took the pics I'm posting, so that I think made me look slightly less lean than I normally am. But whatever.

The before pics are of crappy quality, taken a while back with a sony mavica. I copied them onto the new pics where comparisons are applicable. The befores are smaller of course, and the lighting with that camera is brutal, so please keep that in mind.

Anyway, enough sh!t talking.