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Thread: I've always wanted to know this...

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    I've always wanted to know this...

    What are the primary differences between the Sheriff's office and the City Police department, aside from the obvious county vs city? Does the Sheriff's office have any special responsibilities that the local city police department does not or something? Please excuse my ignorance.

    I am looking into a law enforcement career now, and just have some questions. Once I turn 21 I hope to either become a Reserve deputy (if I am still in school) or just drop any further schooling and become a city police officer. Law enforement looks very interesting to me now.

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    I know the sheriffs department deals with transporting prisoners to correctional facilities. Hand have somthing else to do with it. I also believe the sheriff deals with multi-city jusrisdictions for whatever it may pertain to.
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    Sheriffs work for the court house as well. They transfer defendents. When you take some to small claims of anything else they ask you if you want a sheriff to deliever the forms to the other person. Maybe that's just a tiny bit of their job.
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    sheriffs also are contracted with smaller cities for police enforcement jurisdiction sometimes. mainly - their primary purpose is with correctional facilities, transporting prisoners and the like.
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