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    I happen to really like that poem. And I think that MADD is a very good organization. It is not uncommon for people when they are drunk to be unable to tell just how impaired they are, and that is an extremely dangerous situation, especially if someone takes it behind the wheel. It's fine to have a political stance against a group like MADD if you happen to think that they have improper goals, but to just make fun of it for the sake of making fun of it strikes me as really wrong. Horrible things are much more likely to happen when people drive drunk. Yes, horrible things also happen every day for no good reason. But thats not the point. The point is to unite to stop senseless death.

    p-t....just wanted to let you know that someone out there happens to share your point of view. Thank you for posting that poem. It has been too long since I have read it.
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