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Thread: Shameless Bragging and a Question for strong benchers

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    Shameless Bragging and a Question for strong benchers

    Posted about this in my new journal, but I wanted to put it here too since I'm so fired up about it.

    I got 405 on the bench last night! I was so fricken happy, it was like winning a contest or something. Couple of things which made me even more stoked about it: I've literally gone from 355 to 405 in 3 weeks. I stagnated at 355 max for almost 2 months in then in 3 weeks 50 llbs...I'm still shaking my head at how that works. Also, the weight went up EASY...I think there could have been another 15-20 llbs on there.

    Question: I've noticed that on my max lifts that seemingly if I get the weight in the perfect motion, obviously have perfect concentration etc that it just seems plain easy, but if I so much as waiver the weight forward or most of the times backwards ..toward my neck too much there is no chance in hizell that the weight will go up. Is there a trick other than just concentrating on lowering the weight to to the correct position. It really irks me because I know halfway down that I won't get the lift if the weight doesn't drop where I want it. My best power spot is just below my nips.

    I used to NEVER think I'd get this kind of weight. Now I feel like the sky's the limit if I train right.

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    Great job!!

    IME, getting the groove right just takes practice.
    Squats work better than supplements.
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    congrats on the lift man!
    "Eat until it hurts dammit! Then eat more. Youll get used to it. I think its like sex for a chick. Sure it hurts the first time, but after a couple rides it just goes in like a glove." -clvmike19

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    Hitting the groove properly is easily worth 50 lbs on your bench. Even more if you are wearing a shirt. Big congrats on the 405. That is a huge bench.

    I still get out of groove time to time on the bench, and when I do, I usually miss the lift.

    And the way to avoid this, is the same advice you give when someone asks you directions to Carnegie Hall. . .

    practice, practice, practice.


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    Nice lift, grats.

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    Here's a nice site on Bench Pressing and proper form.

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    Or here perhaps.

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    Nice Job!
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    NICE HIT BRO! Intense Concentration is key for me on a max lift. I turn into someone else when I get underneath that bar.

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    congrats man thas alot of weight



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