Sometimes on my off days I'll take a two hour nap between 1:00pm-3:00 or so. Then I usually get up, eat again and go work out.

I usually get up about 10:00 am and eat.... So I've had a couple meals b4 napping. Here is my eating schedule:

9:30am - Oatmeal/2 cups skim milk

11:30 - Natty Peanut Butter & Jelly Sandwich/16oz Bottled water

1:30 - MetRX Protein Plus Shake(23g Protein/3 Carbs)

2:30 - 1/2 Can of Tuna or 1 cup cottage cheese/16oz Bottled water or 12oz Diet Coke

3:30 - Go to Gym(workout, cardio)

6:00 - Post workout MetRX Protein Plus Shake(23g Protein/3 Carbs)

7:30 - 1 Can of Tuna on 2 slices bread or 1 serving Low Fat Chicken Salad(4 chicken breasts, low fat mayo, relish, onions) or Chicken Breasts or Boca Burger or some other low carb/high protein meal

10:00 - 1 cup cottage cheese

12:00 - 1 cup of milk and some small low cal snack

My question is does sleeping with all of that extra food on my belly put extra pounds on?? Is that not good to sleep during the day on a full stomach?