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Thread: working out with fractured ankle

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    working out with fractured ankle

    Should I do it? 2 of 3 docs said upper body might be okay, the other said I have more important things right now, and I should give it a pass.

    Anyway, I've got 5 weeks (I'm being positive, so in my mind, that's not that long) left in the cast. Do you think it's okay just to do upper body, say two days a week, using just machines? (I can't bear any weight, so loading up a bar is out of the question, and I don't want to depend on someone else to do that for me.)

    Can I maintain with just machines?

    Anyone think I'm out of mind and should just give it a pass for 5 weeks?

    Would love to hear from medical professionals or anyone with personal related experience.

    Any input welcome, though. It's lonely in the cast (and frightening on public transit in the cast).

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    I would go on and do as much as possible with the upper body... but some people will probably say I'm crazy.

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    I'd work my upper body even if I had two broken legs Lifting is like a drug and there is no way you can escape it!
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    No, I agree. The point is, do I let myself do what I want to do, or do I give it a pass for the time being? I don't want to risk more permanent-type injury, though I don't see how working my upper body might do that.

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    Obviously you could do seated and lying upper body exercises such as tri-extensions, military press, DB presses etc...

    Anything standing and you will not have the skeletal rigidity to lift any significant amount for significant reps.

    The key is to not go as heavy on your seated and lying exercises as you usually would to avoid over tensing and delaying your healing process which, ask your doctor, is actually possible.

    Speaking from personal experience.

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    you should let it heal, how long did they say it would take?
    My profile picture is about 5 years old, I'll get around to taking some progress pics eventually.

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    SoulOfKoRea--6 weeks total in the cast. I've got 5 weeks plus one day left in the cast (not that I'm counting down or anything ) and then whatever rehab after that. Why do you ask? I just imagine how out of shape I will be, though getting around is difficult enough. You're not allowed to lean on your crutches, you sort of prop yourself up on them, so it's like I'm doing the end of a dip everytime I use my crutches.

    When I was a kid, I used to think it might be cool to break a bone. It so isn't.

    I don't know. I trained regularly before, so I'm guessing even being 6 to 8 weeks away from training won't be *too* bad; all that muscle memory and stuff.... (this is where anyone can stick in encouraging words).


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