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Thread: how much cardio do you recommend?

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    how much cardio do you recommend?

    I have been training on and off for a while now and i am looking to bulk up, however, i have just started to follow the wbb routine 1 and am making progress. However, i seem to hold a lot of fat around my chest and this is the part of my body which always lacks progress.
    I was wondering how much cardio i should do on my days off from weights.
    I currently weigh 12 stone and eat approx 150 g of protein a day and limit my fat intake.
    If anyone has any hints or tips to help please let me know

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    i'd like to hear answers to this question as well, but for your diet, DON'T AVOID FATS, well avoic trans fat and sat. fat, but make sur you get enough EFA ( flax oil fish oil, nuts and nut butter, efa supps ) do whatever it takes, but make sur you get em since i started it ive noticed a big improvement in energy levels and strength has gone up because of it.

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    I'm not bulking but I do as much cardio as I possibly can. A good start would be on offdays. Cardio will provide your muscles with more oxygen and help with recovery. Do cardio early in the morning on an empty stomach, the glycogen levels are low at this hour and after about 20 minutes of cardio they will be depleted. Your body will then start using stored fat for energy. Doing it in the morning will also increase your metabolism for hours after your done again causing more fat to be burned throughout the day. If you do cardio on lifting days, do it after you lift. Remember cardio burns calories and when you start doing heavy cardio you could be burning 400-500 calories a day, so your muscle growth might slow down because your calorie intake will be lower. Some people will say that cardio on an empty stomach burns muscle, I don't know if it's true maybe it is, but it burns way more fat than muscle. Well worth the trade off imo, I've seen great results doing cardio+weights. Goodluck.

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    I agree with you Dedicated. Early morning cardio is what worked best for me....I did it at other times of the day and all but early morning seemed to be the most effective time as long as I kpet it to 20 minutes I didn't worry about losing a lot of LBM.


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