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Thread: Lifting To Failure

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    Lifting To Failure

    When I lift I aim for 6 sets for large muscle groups like back and chest, and 4 sets for smaller ones like bis and tris. I also shoot for 6-8 reps per set. Now within this framework I go to failure on every set. What I usually do for a particular exercise is choose a weight I can lift 6-8 times and then I lift until I can't lift anymore. Then I take a 45 second break or so, and then do the same exact exercise and weight, maybe dropping it 5 lbs. if I had trouble getting enough reps the first set. Occasionally what I'll do (especially with bicep curls) is bring 3 weights with me, then I'll start with the heaviest (say 40) then do it until I can't lift it anymore, then throw in the 35 and do another rep or 2, then throw in the 30. Also I'll often get a spotter to assist my last 1 or 2 reps, so even though I've failed to lift the weight by myself I'll push out a couple more reps of less weight with the spotter's assistance. Needless to say, I really try to FAIL my muscles on every set.

    Anyways, I recently came across this article:

    and it got me thinking about this assumption of mine (going to failure on every set) that I'd never really questioned.

    I'd like to hear some other opinions on lifting to failure... Is it good? Detrimental? Very necessary? Not very necessary?I appreciate your input.

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    I do the same on bicep day

    Last week I started with 40 and 2 sets of 8

    I barely got the 8th on the 2nd set

    Then I did 35 1 set of 8, barely got to 8

    Then I did 30 1 set and the same thing

    On the 8th I could not get the weight all the way up....

    I like doing it that way but who knows if it's good?? I heard it was but I'm not totally sure. My arms have grown an inch over the last couple months though.

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    5'10 220 pounds

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    Squats: 410 @ 205 (last winter)
    Deads 515 @ 214
    Total: 1240

    My Journal:


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    i really like the link to gaining 40 lbs of muscle....FAST!

    lol like its all about the workout and they never mention anything about diet.....lame
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    1,546 has a bunch of articles that seem like they are written by ten year olds...
    My profile picture is about 5 years old, I'll get around to taking some progress pics eventually.


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