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    I wanna do my low volume routine with max effort, and im wondering what is considered the normal dip set.

    My monday routine =

    Flat BP - 3x6
    OHP - 3x6
    Dips - 3x6-8 (now with weights)

    is 24 dips enough? some ppl say do 50 in x number of sets
    some say low volume with weights... i just dont know what to do and i really want to develop my triceps since my bis are ahead.
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    3 sets of 6-8 reps is plenty for dips.
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    I do low volume heavy sets and I do the following; 1 set 1-3, 2nd set 6-8, 3rd set 6-8 with a drop set at the end. Dips rule!!!!


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