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Thread: Calculating 1rm

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    Calculating 1rm

    This has probably been done to death, but search didn't throw up much...

    to calculate your potential one rep max, if for example you had done 2 sets of 6 reps, would you use 6 or 12 in the calculation??

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    you won't know if you try.

    If you never go below 6 reps. then i would work my way up there to see what you can do as caculators have a fair room for error.
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    why can't u just do ur one rep max? for example, even if u have an injury, u can't say u can bench 225 as a max if u've never done it.
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    While I'm still trying to translate Podiums' example, I'm pretty sure I agree with him. You never really know if you can until you do it. Using equations and all that might work wonderfully, but at the same time, it probably won't.

    So if you really want to know what your max is, then do it. Start adding weight and working in 3reps until you get to a weight where you can do it, but know you'd be pushing it next time you added weight, then start working in 1 reps till you can't do it. Simple as that.


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