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Thread: Lower Back pain while Squatting

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    Lower Back pain while Squatting

    On my last set of parallel squats today I pulled a muscle in my right lower back. Pain kind of radiates to the groin. I was using the Smith machine, decent amount of weight 180 lbs (for me) don't have a Belt, probably fair to sloppy form . I was kinda scared at first. Had to pass on the 45 Leg press machine because of pain. But Finished the workout.

    Now the pain is almost gone. 3 hours later.

    What can I do to prevent this from happening again.
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    use a belt and dont use the smith machine!

    you know you were using sloppy form, so correct it, a nasty back injury can occur from sloppy squats so be careful and take care of your back.
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    Use proper form (drop weight if you need to), and get away from the smith machine. It's built for the "average" person, so depending on your height and mechanics for doing a squat, it might be forcing you to go along a path that doesn't work for you.

    I'd say stay away from a belt. In my opinion, it's something that prevents you from building proper stabilizers.. but this is a discussion that we've had before. So, I'd say instead of the belt build up some lower back muscles if you haven't been already. Hyperextensions, good mornings, sldl, etc.. and almost do some strength training for abs. Those two things will keep you stable instead of relying on some device.


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