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Thread: banned members, growing....

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    banned members, growing....

    Hi Everyone,

    This is a long(ish) announcement, but I would like to ask that everyone just takes 5 minutes to read it, as it has some important information in it, that everyone needs to know.

    I just wanted to take the time to address a couple of points that I feel need to be brought to people’s attention, namely the banning of members from the board and to remind people about the rules of the forum and our plans to handle the quick growth of Wannabebig.

    A recently banned member from the board (I am not going to mention any names here, but he was given so many chances it was unbelievable after doing some VERY stupid things) has been contacting me via messenger threatening to hack the board and spread rumors about why he was banned etc. This got me thinking that when we ban people, we don’t publish it publicly because we don’t agree with making a fuss. We want to move on swiftly without disrupting things on the board.

    I therefore wanted to point at that we are a VERY fair bunch here and people who are banned from here ALWAYS are banned for legitimate reasons. In fact most are given ample chances to turn over a new leaf.

    The mods here do a great job and most of the time the inappropriate content that gets people warned or ultimately banned you will never see because it is picked up by a mod quickly and removed. The mod’s here put a lot of time into making this place a pleasant one for people to post in and we have removed over 17,000 posts since day 1. That gives you an idea of what happens behind the scenes that makes this place what it is.

    We are growing at a fast rate now and have plans to accelerate this even more. As the forums grow people need to be as aware of the rules here more than ever. There will be more opinions, different personalities etc. We need to ensure that this place remains a nice place for people to post and all content posted is appropriate and is in line with our rules here. The rules are very fair in my opinion, so please have a quick read of them again and try and keep them in mind at all times.

    We will also continue to enforce the 3 strike policy throughout our growth, and will not allow any member to take away from what we are trying to achieve here.

    The forums rules can be found here

    Of course if anyone ever has any serious queries about why someone was banned, and wants the truth about a banning just pm me or another mod and we’ll gladly oblige.

    Trust me as we grow, we will not allow disruption to kick in.

    Thanks for your time, and if you have any questions, remember a mod or myself is only a pm away.
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