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    Anthony Ellis

    What are people's opinions of Anthony Ellis and his massgain method?

    For those who aren't familiar with AE:

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    That was one of the 1st sites i found very useful, there is a lot of good info for ppl like me with a fast metabolism and he doesnt put too much stress on supplements, or selling.
    If he did acheive those results in 12 weeks (32lbs - i read all of it and saw that 8lbs was creatine and 24lb was lean muslce = 2lbs a week gain) then he is truly a brilliant acheiver.
    I dont buy everything i see and im still skeptical to how anyone can gain that fast, the information he has for free is a good basis for anyone who wants to gain mass, and unlike all those other sell outs he prints the utter basics for free...for anyone to read.
    And its nice concise stuff too, you dont have to sift through endless pages of views, ads and meaningless graphs and figures.
    Well done to him i say. I wish i could acheive the same.

    nearly forgot to add his main site
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