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Thread: Benefits of frequent feedings...

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    Well, since nobody did research on the Greco-Roman diet, this is what is up:

    They ate mainly grain/bread, with that and vegetables being the mainstay. Only the rich were able to eat meat. And only on occasion were the non-wealthy able to eat more than one meal a day.

    Hardly acceptable for the modern bodybuilder.
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    Thanks for the history lesson.
    This warrior diet could be retitled " why humans were smaller, reached puberty later, died of more infections, higher infant mortalility etc diet thousands of years ago"
    but calling it that would hardly sell books would it. So lets call it the warrior diet as its sound really macho!

    A point about roman sculpture being muscular. Look at action man and some other toys. If i remember correctly that if action man was 6 foot tall his arms would be 18-20 inch(if kept in proportian with height gain). But most soldier do not have 18 inch arms do they? so if we exxeragete the muscleness of out roys why could roman sculputure not do the same with the poeple they sculputed?

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    not to mention greco-roman culture had this interesting homosexual componenet to it, so it would make sense that their sculptures of men idealized the male form.

    (hated to have to be the one to say it, but umm..there you go.)
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