OK, it is often said that more meals are superior to less when it comes to dieting.

Some of the arguements are that frequent feedings keep the metabolism high throughout the day. But, let's look at this closer. Each macronutrient consumed requires some number of calories to digest, and this number doesn't change. So, say you eat 3000 cals in 6 meals, each meal = 500 cals. So, the whatever amount of cals needed to digest that meal would be burned. What if you ate 3000 cals in 2 meals? That's 1500 cals per meal, so the body would have to burn however many cals it takes to digest that meal. The metabolic rate is not changed.

Another arguement is that frequent feedings are required to keep amino acids available at all times. But, if you eat, for example, 30g of protein it will take about 2-3 hours to digest (depending on the protein source). But, if you were to eat 100g, it would take much longer to digest, for the sake of arguement let's say 6-8 hours (although it's prolly more). So, regardless amino acids are in the blood stream the same amount of time.

Another arguement is that the body will go into "starvation mode" if you don't frequently eat. But, if you are eating enough calories to maintain your weight then why would the body think it's starving? Remember, you still have the same amount of nutrients in the body between feedings, metabolic reaction is equal, etc...so that arguement is flawed.

OK so you like eating often, why not? Well, eating carbs often keeps insulin high. You may be thinking, "but insulin release will be the same". Perhaps, but insulin is release as a "spike", meaning it rises and falls quite rapidly. So, while a larger meal would have a higher spike it would return to normal before the next feeding. With frequent meals the spike may be lower, but since you are eating more often you keep the spike high, not letting it return to normal. High insulin = less ability to burn fat and higher potential for fat storage.

You may also be thinking that because the body can only absorb so much food at one time you will store fat with big meals. True, but if you don't eat often this newly stored fat will just be metabolized and used as energy later on. No harm done.

Less meals also means more hGH, which is a fat burning hormone...better yet.

I really don't see the benefits....

(Note that I choose to eat frequent meals for unrelated reasons)