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Thread: Shoulder Pain

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    Shoulder Pain

    i had a really strange shoulder pain today at the gym. it kinda felt like my shoulder wanted to fall out of place. when i would lift up a DB, it hurt like crazy. my whole shoulder was in pain, not just one area. btw, i was doing chest and bis today. i coudln't really get a good workout going on my bis cause my shoulder was hurting a too much. it feels ok now, but it seems like every time i lift something heavy with my left arm, it hurts. any suggestions? also, i don't work on my shoulder directly. would this have anything to do with it? anything will help, thanks guys.
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    I recommend you see your doctor...

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    I've had a problem with my shoulder for quite some time. I've just been concentrating on strengthening it as best I can, and I've really noticed a difference. Talk to your doctor, or see an orthopaedist about it.

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