I joined this Toastmaster club the other day. Those who don't know about it, it is a club in which you practice your public speaking. I don't have much problem speaking in public and making presentations. BUT , in every meeting there is an impromptu speech time in which people simply get asked to speak about a random topic and you have no time to think about it. That's when I realized that I sucked at this. I have no creative thinking at all it seems when it have to be done on the spot. I think alot of it comes from me being an intravert all my life really. Yesterday was quite embarassing, I went in front and started talking about something, then I didn't really know how to continue my story so I just cut it right out at the end and returned back to my seat. It pisses me off, some people just seem to have it naturally, able to speak of nothing as if it was everything. Me on the other hand, seem to have nothing to say about pretty much everything. Just needed to rant.