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Thread: drink protein during a workout ?

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    drink protein during a workout ?

    In the past I've had my 40grams of whey protein after my workout (the typical powdered shake). However, after a year I grew tired of the crap taste and when I began to feel sick just at the thought of drinking a protein shake after my workout I decided it was time to change...

    So now I buy the "Worldwide - Extreme Protein" bottles, they're just like a lemonade and go down really well, and I sip a bottle during my workout. Towards the end of my gym session I notice a slight burst in energy and I've enjoyed doing a last set with a heavier weight than the first set (rather than pyramid style... start heavy and decrease in weight as the muscles grow tired).

    Now the question is: should I still drink another 40grams of protein after my workout or is it enough that I drink 40g during my workout?

    (I drink 40g at breakfast, 40g during the workout, 40g after dinner. I weigh 175LBs ~ 12%BF)

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    you are only getting 120g a day? or only drinking 120g and eating more?

    how many carbs does this drink have anyways?
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    yeah, what type of carbs are in it? you might be getting that extra boost of energy near the end of your workout becuase of an insulin spike from the drink...
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    Yeah I agree with smurf, When i finnish my workout I drink my dextrose post workout drink a bit.

    Wait a few minutes a do a all out mega set
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    Unless you are working out for an extended period of time I think you would be better served with a preworkout shake and then a postworkout shake.

    preworkout- ~25-35g of maltodextrin (ideally) or dextrose and ~10-15g of whey in a small amount of water about 30 minutes before training

    postworkout- ~50g of dextrose/maltodextrin and ~25g of whey


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