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Thread: high calorie food or high calorie shake recipes?

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    high calorie food or high calorie shake recipes?

    Btw, besides Pasta, is there anything that is High Calorie and is not "bad" food?

    Im having trouble reaching 2500-3000 cal. /day

    I mean, there's not many calories in chicken, tuna, eggs, potatoes, cereals(oats, wheat, etc), milk...

    even a peanut butter a jelly sandwish is around 350 calories...

    The only way I can get decent calories is with pasta and hamburgers...

    is there any special high calorie food you know or special shakes?

    By the way, can someone with a 3000 calorie/day diet can post is daily menu... would be curious to see!

    I took a look at other threads on the subject but didnt find what I was looking for.


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    btw, how many calories is there when I take 50g of dextrose/corn sugar?

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    50 g dex = 50 x 4 Cals or 200 Calories

    eat more healthy fats, 9 Cals per gram.
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    and more fats

    add olive oil to things
    eat pb every chance u get
    and dont forget your helping of fish oils
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    high calorie shake-

    1-2 Cup Oats
    1-2 Scoops Whey
    2-3 Cups Milk(or Water)
    1-2 TBSP Natty PB
    Couple Packets of Splenda

    throw in a blender, and blend

    if you want, you can take a look in my journal and see what i eat each day. it usually comes out to ~3200 - 3300 calories.
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