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Thread: HST and my punk brother

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    HST and my punk brother

    my youner brother (11yrs) has finally started displaying an interest in weightlifting. Today while i was training i noticed him halphazardly bumbling around the gym aimlessly, not a clue where to begin (though i've tried to talk to him before, he wasnt really interested). I plan on starting him on a program similar to HST.
    For at a while i'll be having him using no resistance other then the bar, until he learns proper form. This is what i am considering:

    Bench press----2*15/Assisted Dips 2*15
    Military press----2*15
    Lat pulldown----2*15/DB rows 2*15
    Deadlifts----------1*15/Leg curl 1*15
    Calf Raise---------2*15
    3x a week

    At this time, his diet is pretty horrendous, but we'll work on that.
    Any thoughts other then "he's too young"?
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