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Thread: The road to a big chest

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    The road to a big chest

    Well i would like to start off by thanking everyonbe for the great responses to my inquiry. I have heard so many differenbt things in the past and it wasn't until I came to this forum that I actually felt comfortable with the advice. I plan on beginning my new routine on monday, and I am thinking of training my chest once per week. I think, or at least judging from what I have read here, that proper rest and intensity are very big factors. Not to mention diet. I hope i didn't offend anyone by asking the same question more than once, but before this I had always trained my chest 3 times per week under the advice of friends. I was foolish and obviosly not training properly. My biggest concern was feeling that I wasn't doing enough with my chest if I only trained it once per week. At any rate thank you all again, and hopefully I will have good results to repoert in the future. The road to a big chest starts soon

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    Do you worry about any other bodyparts?
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    yea, u should focus on other bodyparts too. squats, for example, will make ur chest gains more optimal than if u only did chest
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