One of the main principles in the early days of bodybuilding was high reps, specially among Arnold Schwarzenegger, in this Journal that goes from 11 of june to 13 of august, I will follow a very high rep scheme based on what Arnold explains in one of his books.

This journal is about one thing, the quest for Size, yes my friend size matters in this journal, becoming a bit leaner will also be an objective, strength is not important.

This will also be quite weird, since I have always done 3-4reps in every exercise.

But its SummerHoliday tomorrow and I can sleep and rest all day long, I am not going on any vacation this year, so I welcome the high reps to enter my muscle.

( I will also concentrate on great form in this journal )

Here is what I will follow, and god damn its gonna be some hard trainings too, Rock will gather his viking spirit that sits deep from ancient times, to give this training program a divine edge.

Monday : Shoulders, Chest and Biceps

Shoulders :
Seated barbell shoulder press 1x15, 2x12
lateral raize - 3x12

Chest :
Lying dumbell presses 4x12
lying pec flies - ( no I am not lying) 4x12(oooh...cha ching!)

Biceps :
Preacher curl 15x10 ( hehe, just kidding) 5x10

thats 50 reps in the preacher right there, and I am gonna be preachin it too! GNNNNN, argh! urk!! grrr!

Wednesday(wheres the wedding?) - legs and traps

squat 4x15
deadlifts 2x20

Thursday : abs and calves

weighted sit ups and standing calf raizes - 2x20 on both

Friday : Back and trieps

pulldown 4x12
standing bent over rows 4x12

french press 4x15
pushdowns 2x20

Thats it, it starts tomorrow on thursday, so an update will be given already tomorrow, with comments and news flash, stay tuned!