hey everybody,
I am 18. New to the work out and strength training program. I am in college and all my classmates are quite muscular except one n yeah thats me. Since i started working out i have a really balanced and good diet dont bother asking about it but its quite good recommended by the coach. but the thing is, my biceps i dont have cuts on them. I am not very muscular too. I am not fat all my damn waist is 31 but my biceps just dont have the cuts like my pals, maybe its the genes but if its genes then how come my bro got a very athletic body. Just doesnt seem to enter my head. I workout twice a week, chest, triceps n abs on monday and biceps, forarms, back and abs on thursday. Doesnt focus on legs a lot cos dont wanna be a pro. I know i might be immature asking it but its becoming a headache for me cos i have been working out for 2 or maybe 3 months now yeah i have had good muscle growth but where are the cuts on my arms (veins aint visible too). We all know biceps without cuts are pathetic. cuts iare the real beauty pls help me. Wanna look muscular and biceps with cuts. i have got great cuts and muscle on my back and abs but God knows why biceps are kinda bulky and lack the cuts!!!!