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Thread: my damn biceps n triss

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    my damn biceps n triss

    hey everybody,
    I am 18. New to the work out and strength training program. I am in college and all my classmates are quite muscular except one n yeah thats me. Since i started working out i have a really balanced and good diet dont bother asking about it but its quite good recommended by the coach. but the thing is, my biceps i dont have cuts on them. I am not very muscular too. I am not fat all my damn waist is 31 but my biceps just dont have the cuts like my pals, maybe its the genes but if its genes then how come my bro got a very athletic body. Just doesnt seem to enter my head. I workout twice a week, chest, triceps n abs on monday and biceps, forarms, back and abs on thursday. Doesnt focus on legs a lot cos dont wanna be a pro. I know i might be immature asking it but its becoming a headache for me cos i have been working out for 2 or maybe 3 months now yeah i have had good muscle growth but where are the cuts on my arms (veins aint visible too). We all know biceps without cuts are pathetic. cuts iare the real beauty pls help me. Wanna look muscular and biceps with cuts. i have got great cuts and muscle on my back and abs but God knows why biceps are kinda bulky and lack the cuts!!!!

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    Dude I mean I've been going to a gym for sometime now...and uhmmm if your scheduling allows go more often...and down some protein supplements...1-2 times a week try more along the lines of 4-5 and do legs your whole body will become stronger through the legs...

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    Work your entire body.
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    Squats work better than supplements.
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    fo real, i tought that wuz bullsh1t that your upperbody would get stronger by working out your legs, explain that to me cause i dont get it, last year my weighttraing coach (highshool) told me the same thing

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    Squats are a HUGE compound movement, and since legs are such a big muscle, its the best testosterone pumping excercise, thus everything grows from doing squats. The saying goes "You gain on squats, you gain everywhere else"
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    Other than that all the upper body size in the world won't help you in a real life situation if your trying to balance it on broomsticks.
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    Squats turn girly boys into men.
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    Quote Originally Posted by loverboy084
    i have been working out for 2 or maybe 3 months now
    No one will EVER get the physique they want in 2-3 months. I bet none of the people at this forum are perfectly happy with their bodies. There's always something to fix and most of us have been at it for years.
    Quote Originally Posted by loverboy084
    but God knows why biceps are kinda bulky and lack the cuts!!!
    It's called body fat. You won't have "cut" or "defined" arms until your body fat percentage is lowered enough.
    Quote Originally Posted by LilQbanPapi16
    fo real, i tought that wuz bullsh1t that your upperbody would get stronger by working out your legs, explain that to me cause i dont get it, last year my weighttraing coach (highshool) told me the same thing
    If one or more part(s) of your body develops more or other body parts are lagging behind some, you will be more likely to injure yourself from a muscular imbalance. Your body naturally combats this by not letting certain muscle groups develop past a certain point or as fast until the rest of your body catches up. If your legs are twigs, your upper body can't get very big. Your body grows best as a whole, it's no joke.
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    Squats and Systemic Growth

    To answer the above question "Just exactly how do squats promote growth throughout the body?" To begin with, the squat involves multiple joints and muscles which in turn increase the level at which the nervous system must coordinate movement in conjunction with the lifter's muscle-skeletal system. In the squat there are numerous muscles of the body working simultaneously to provide the stability and mobility needed for this exercise. It has been estimated that there are up to 200 muscles involved in the squat.

    The hormonal or endocrine system combined with the nervous system makes up what is known as "neuroendocrinology". This term describes the relationship of chemical substances that have both neural and hormonal functions. The endocrine glands are stimulated to release hormones by a chemical signal received by the receptors on the gland or by neural stimulation, which is what occurs during weight training. Ever wonder why you feel particularly upbeat and euphoric after a hard workout, even if you are physically drained? It’s because of the increased presence of hormones in your body, hormones that also influence our moods. This is similar to the “runner’s high” experienced by long distance runners.

    The increase in anabolic hormone levels observed after a hard workout can increase hormonal interactions with various cellular mechanisms and enhance the development of muscle protein contractile units. On neural stimulation from an alpha motor neuron to initiate a muscle action, various signals (electrical, chemical, and hormonal) are sent from the brain and from activated muscles to a number of endocrine glands. Hormones are secreted during and after the workout in response to the physiological stress of resistance exercise. This simply means that the nervous, muscle-skeletal, and hormonal systems are responsible for the effects promoted by exercises like the squat.

    There are various hormones, which produce this effect, and the one that most people are familiar with is testosterone. It's been demonstrated that testosterone serum concentrations can increase with exercises such as the squat.

    Squats can increase growth throughout the entire body because they use numerous muscles and this means they stimulate more muscle fibers than say an exercise such as a leg extension or a leg press. The greater the fiber recruitment, the greater the process for potential growth and development in the muscle. Only muscle fibers that are recruited by resistance training are subject to adaptation and the more muscles used in an exercise like the squat the more the muscle fibers are stimulated.

    Hope that helps

    Keith Wassung

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    Good post


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