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Thread: Need chicken recipies

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    Need chicken recipies

    Well after 2 months of daily 'chicken on the grill' my body is starting to reject it.

    I need some good recipies for chicken (low carb).

    please post some links to your fav chicken recipies.

    er... just realized this should be in the recipies forum
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    How about chicken breast with melted cheese topping
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    check out the recipe section bro, lots of good recipes in there
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    chicken with marmalade, chicken with white wine mmmmm
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    Know what I do that is seriously easy and good. I take a shallow pan and fill the bottom of it with lite soy sauce and then mix in some equal then cook at 350 and flip em. No idea on the time I just keep an eye on them. It sound's werid but it's good. Give it a shoot.
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