Since I began to bodybuild in late January I have reached every goal I have went after except for one. I have wanted nothing more than to get under 10% BF, really about 8. I have followed my diet pretty strict, with no more than 1 cheat day per week, and my cheat day is not at all bad. Maybe a piece of cake or a few beers or something.

I have made threads about shedding body fat before and I got advice to eat more. So I've been eating more. My diet now puts me at around 1800 calories a day. All I eat is chicken, natty pnut butter, Tuna, protein shakes, veggies, and other healthy food. I try to get at least a gram of protein for every pound per day. I usually meet my goal.

Since I've been eating more for the last few weeks I have gained weight, and some size on my arms and chest. That is great, but my waist is growing as well and there is no doubt my BF has increased. I feel bigger and I feel flabby. I am probably about 12-14% right now and I was probably 11% b4. I know I can get back to where I was with no problem, however even when I was doing tons of cardio and probably overtraining I still wasn't losing that last bit of weight. I get to a point and I just can't knock off any more weight no matter what I do.

People here told me my matabalism was to slow. I've increased my food and now I eat every 2 or 3 hours. All that has happened is BF% gain.

I am frustrated. What should I do?